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Online Classes

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

We have developed ONLINE CLASSES!

We are having classes by video conferences ( You will need a smart phone with facetime, iPad with camera or laptop/desktop computer with camera. We are working on weekly sessions.

Email us at or text us your Name, Address Contact number, Email address, and course name to 804-543-1500 and we will enroll you. We will recommend the code classes that will support you for test preparation.

Contractors Classes In-House/ Online Time Days

Contractors Pre-Licensing Class $275/ $250 1-Day Session Fri & Sat

Contractors Application Completion $150/ $100 3-Hours Session Saturday

Contractors Business Exam Prep $150/ $125 3-3 Hours Sessions Saturday’s

Contractors Specialty Exam Prep $275/ $250 4-3 Hours Sessions Saturday’s

Online Trades Courses

Electrical Level V Code $350/ $325 12 Weeks Monday’s night

Gas fitter Level V Code $275/ $250 10 weeks Tuesday’s night

HVAC Level V Code $350/ $325 12 Weeks Wednesdays

Plumbing Level V Code $375/ $325 12 Weeks Thursday’s night

We adjusting to the new normal Video learning

Online Video Conference Continuing Education Classes

Class Offerings: Cost Date Time Days

Electrical Online $75 Jan 30st 6pm-9pm Monday


Gas Online $25 Jan 31st 6pm -7pm Tuesday

Feb 28th

HVAC Online $75 Jan 30th 6pm-9pm Wednesday

Feb 28th

Plumbing Online $75 Jan 31st 6pm-9pm Thursday

Feb 28th

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