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Contractor Pre-Licensing Class

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Individuals applying for an initial contractor’s license in the Commonwealth of Virginia must compete an eight -hour business class approved by the Virginia Board of Contractors. This class fulfills this requirement. We are approved and a reporting agency for Virginia Board of Contractors.

We offer Classroom sitting,

& Online ( Sessions

A classroom session is offer weekly in conference room. Online is offered in two sessions twice a month. Online sessions are done from your registration, with a one day in advance notice. Dates will be posted on this site monthly.

Contractors Classes In-House/ Online Time Days

Contractors Pre-Licensing Class $275/ $250 1-Day Session Fri & Sat

Contractors Application Completion $150/ $100 3-Hours Session Saturday

Contractors Business Exam Prep $150/ $125 3-3 Hours Sessions Saturday’s

Contractors Specialty Exam Prep $275/ $250 4-3 Hours Sessions Saturday’s

Contractors, we have a (win-win-win) plan for you to grow your workforce.
First, we are here to help you advance to class ‘A’ contractor license.
Secondly, we ask you to recruit students to work for you.
Thirdly, we are employing you to instruct classes, this allows you the employer to work with each student to develop his/hers skills and then you can select from each class, workers who you can matchup with your current employees, for employment.

Full Service for Your Business

Pre-Licensing is just the beginning. We have business classes for Class A and Class B Exams.
We will be offering Bookkeeping Services and Tax Preparations. An accountant services is also referred.
Once you take pre-licensing class and is register with DPOR, we help you to correspond with DPOR on all letters involving your license.

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