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      Our online contractor business, tradesmen theory, continuing  education and tradesmen exams preparation classes are hosted by us thru We planned and have developed these classes to work around your current job work schedule.


Below is listing of classes, cost, dates, time and days.


Online Video Conference Classes     


   April ‘22

Electrical         Monday’s        4th & 25th                  

HVAC               Tuesday’s        3rd & 24th                  

Plumbing        Wednesday’s  5th & 26th                

Gas                  Thursday’s      6th & 27th                                                           

    May ’22

Electric            Monday’s        7th & 28th                   

HVAC               Tuesday’s        1st & 22nd                   

Plumbing        Wednesday’s  2nd & 23rd                

Gas                  Thursday’s       5th & 26th


    June ‘22

Electrical         Monday’s        6th & 27th                     

 HVAC               Tuesday’s         7th & 28th

Plumbing        Wednesday’s    1st & 29th

Gas                  Thursday’s         2nd & 30th


***All Continuing Education Classes are from 5:30pm to 9pm, unless special scheduling is arranged.

       Continuing Education Classes        (Online)

Class Offerings:                    Cost           Date           Time                Days

Electrical                               $75             

HVAC                                      $75             

Plumbing                              $75         

Gas Fitter                               $35         

** Call for special schedule time because of your work schedule

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