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  CONTRACTOR LICENSES ARE ISSUED TO BUSINESS ENTITIES (regardless of the number of people employed by the business) AND NOT INDIVIDUALS


Contractor licenses consist of two parts,

    (1) the class of the license, which determines what, if any restrictions are placed on the size of contracts/projects that may be performed.


    (2) the classification/specialty, which determines what type of work the licensed contractor is allowed to perform.


 The Board for Contractors issues licenses in one of three classes:

  Class A, Class B or Class C. In most cases, the type of license you should apply for is based on amount written and gross contract(s) written for the projects your business will be bidding on or engaged in. 


              Steps to obtain your Virginia Contractors license:

1. Start and Open Your Business, Register your Business /Corporation, Insurance, Setup, etc.……

2. Next successfully complete the 8-hour Virginia Contractor Pre-Licensing course available through BAUL ACADEMY of LEARNING as approved provider. The owner, an office associate or designed employee can complete the pre-license course for company.

    Once you have completed the class, Baul Academy will register you with DPOR. You have six (6)  months before your registration is deactivated.  If you need longer, just give DPOR or Baul Academy a call and we can arrange an extension. Understanding your role, make plans to complete this process and promote your business.

3. Prepare your payment, Complete the Application package then Submit the Contractor’s License application and supporting documents to the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR).






















Your payment needs be in form of a check, money order or credit card application. Payment is made payable to the Treasurer of Virginia for the following amounts:

Class A – $385,

Class B – $370,  

Class C – $235

4. Hire employee with required certifications or license by selecting a designee/qualified person for the application. Or prepare employee to take the specialty test. The designed person will need to show W-2 form, paycheck stud or W-9 as evidence. The Qualifier will need proof of state certification.

5. After the approve of application, DPOR will send you letter requiring you to take specialty test. You have one-year to successfully pass the test


PSI exam center address is:

Moorefield VI Building

620 Moorefield Park Drive, Suite 205

Richmond, VA 23236


6. After successfully PASSING the required parts of the contractor specialty exam that measures your knowledge of your profession. PSI Exams is testing agency and they will submit your test score to DPOR.

      Then DPOR will issue your license went all pervious steps are completed. Original contractor’s licenses expire two years from the month in which it is issued.

     From this course you are given an application package, financial statement, work experience verification form, and credit card form or you can obtain a Contractor’s License application package online from the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation office.

Commonwealth of Virginia

Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation

9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 400

Richmond, Virginia 23233-1485


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