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Contractor Classes Online $300
1st & 3rd Friday of Month

Contractor Classe In Classroom $350
2nd & 4th Saturday of Month

Call an arrange for other Dates & Time


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   Send Text to:

       Your Name,
       Email address,
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NEW DPOR Courses

* January 2024 Lead Abatement Worker
* January 2024 Lead Abatement Supervisor
* January 2024 Back flow Devices
     W/ Wet Lab

* March 2024 Alternative Energy Systems -
Solar Energy 
   w/ onsite installation

*** January 2024 Lead Abatement Worker 
      Initial Worker - 16 hours/8 hours Lab
      Worker Refresher - 4 hours

     Supervisor Refresher - 8 hours
       Cost $150

*** OSHA -10 Testing Center Saturday's
      OSHA-30 for Supervisor Saturday's

 **  March '24 Forklift Certification

** EPA 608 Freon Certification
    Testing Center Saturdays

* EPA 609 Manually
       Testing Center Fridays

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Contractor Pre-Licensing Class

      Contractor , this is the beginning of developing your business to another level. Your decison to become class "C" contractor or jump straight to becoming class "A'' contractor. Every contractor wants more business and earn more money. Developing your business is process. After starting your business, you need a contractor license.

      Baul Academy is approved by Department of Professional Occupations & Regulations (DPOR) as education provider. Taking our pre-licensing class, you get the full services of Baul Academy.


We are Offering:

Tradesman and Architect at Construction

Contractor Licensing



 Tradesmen Skills

Man Using a Tablet

Online Trades           Classes

Contractor Licensing - From the day of the pre-licensing class until you have receive  your license in mail or DPOR posting. We work with you until you licensing is in hand.


Full Services on all Department of Professional Occupation & Regulations letters, test preparation, and licensing.


   We are offering:

             * A Pre-licensing (8 hrs.) Class

             * Change in Class of License Services

             * Business Exam Prep

             * Specialty Exam Prep


Classes are:

     Automotive Electrical

     Carpentry Finishing

     Electrical Residential Repair

     Masonry & Concrete     

     Plumbers Emergency


Online Tradesmen Classes


      * Electrical 2017 Code

      * Gas-Fitter 2018 Code

      * HVAC 2018 Code

      * Plumbing 2018 Code

Tradesmen Continuing Education Classes

      * Gas on Monday Evening                 1-hour      5-6pm

      * Plumbing Tuesday  Evening          3- hours   3-6pm

      * Electrical Wednesday  Evening     3- hours   3-6pm

      * HVAC Thursday Evenings                3- hours   3-6pm

   We schedule online class for you thru We meet online in the evening from 6 pm to 9 pm.


    The main focus is on the 2017 or 2018 international code books. Our instructors answer questions and promote learning to enhance  your skills in taking the exams.


Education is what you can do and continue to do, after training

William H. Baul


All of our hands on classes are work experiences. Projects you are engage in are live work. The school offer free labor by students but all materials are paid for by home owner. Projects are selected by level of training and the difficult of work.

Every Teacher's Dilemmas


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